Employment Inquiries Contact

You can complete our application on our Staff Registration Portal by clicking the link below.

*Before starting  the online form, e mail us a brief description of how you heard of us and why you want to be a camp counselor, working with kids. Include any relevant experience and/or talents you  posses that you think would be an attribute for being a camp counselor.

-We are looking for senior group counselors, (experience preferred), activity specialists, (see below), and teacher/head counselor types, with camp experience

-Sorry, we do NOT hire High School Students.

-We prefer Staten Island residents.

-Do not send resumes. After you submit your online application we will contact you for an interview. Applicants must come for TWO interviews.

-Please do not leave any phone messages. e-mail instead

-Counselors are needed as bus counselors; They are driven to and from camp on camp buses, every day.

-Examples of specialties: art, dance, cheer leading, sports, music, chess, nature/science, gymnastics, etc,

-EVERY staff member, by law, MUST have a completed medical form, signed by a Doctor on file BEFORE camp begins.

-There are 2 MANDATORY meetings for staff orientation & training. The dates are June 26th, 12 – 6PM & 29th, 1PM – 8PM

-Counselors must be available for the entire Summer, July 3rd – August 25th