The cost of lunch is not included & is automatically added to tuition. We are charging only $10 weekly, ($15 after April 1st). The menu is a combination of hot and cold lunches, including, pizza, deli sandwiches, BBQ’s & more, with a side dish or snack and a non-carbonated drink. On some trips, camp lunch is NOT available & must be brought from home or purchased on the trip. There are also a couple that won’t allow ANY food inside, (I.e., Mets/Yankees, & L.C.S.).

 Lunch is included on any trips we charge for. Any optional trip to a restaurant, is extra, (Red Lobster, McDonalds).

Parents are always kept informed & we always insure that every camper eats lunch, (even when their parents forgot).

Reminder: there is NO refrigeration at camp for lunch, sent from home

RCDC is a peanut aware camp!

Nuts & pork are never served; hot dogs are all beef.

Any lunch or snack brought from home, containing nuts, will be discarded.


Hot: Pizza, chicken nuggets/patties, hot dogs, hamburgers, ziti/pasta & sauce, ravioli,

mac & cheese, French toast sticks,  

Cold: Turkey, bologna, cheese, tuna, butter/cream cheese/jelly, bagels, cereal

Side dishes: Salad, fruit salad, apple slices, watermelon, pineapple, carrots, corn,

baked beans, fruit snacks, apple sauce, chips

Drinks: Low sugar: ice-tea, fruit punch, (bug juice), 1% chocolate milk & milk.

*There is always an alternate lunch available for our finicky campers.

Snacks, Etc.

– Free fruit: unlimited fresh fruit, from our new fruit stand is always available.

– Snack bar: a variety of inexpensive snacks are available. We do not sell soda, ice-cream or nuts.

– Treats: often, ice cream trucks visit or Italian ices & ice-cream is served- at no cost to campers.

– The Munchkin division campers get a mid-morning snack on most days.

– Water: is always available. Cold, bottled water should be sent from home & refilled at camp.

– On some trips, (you’ll know which), campers can buy snacks and drinks, (movies, bowling, Etc.).

– Breakfast is not available, however, campers arriving by 7:30, can bring it & eat it at camp.

– Campers can also bring snacks from home in their camp bag.