Skills Gained from Camp

Camp will begin soon. You may be wondering how we help prepare our children with the skills and competencies our campers will need to tackle changes in our world?  We believe that quest begins with a positive camp experience. A quality camp provides your children with the opportunity to learn powerful lessons in community, character-building, skill development, and healthy living.

Camp promotes community. Camp is a place where kids can “practice” growing up stretching their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive muscles outside the context of their immediate family. This is what childhood is supposed to provide.

Camp creates future leaders. The camp experience offers kids a close-up look at compassionate leadership through the camp director, counselors, resident nutritionist, and other camp personnel. And kids get loads of opportunities to practice being a leader themselves — song leader, lunch table leader, team captain, the list goes on and on.

Camp has a lasting impact. One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is a sense of success and achievement.

Camp teaches kids how to be active participants, ask questions, ask for help, and try new things. Now more than ever, kids need camp.

Summers are for having fun. It’s a time to spend with friends & make memories and experiences that last a lifetime. That’s what RC Day Camp is all about. We provide an exciting and fulfilling camp experience by providing of fun, recreational, safe and educational activities.

Our staff consists of professionals who work in child related fields throughout the year. Our directors are licensed teachers and coaches in various schools and thru-out the city.

Our camp offers a wide range of activities for children from four to 15 years of age. Our programs are innovative, safe & healthy activities that best suits the needs of our campers. Safety is always our highest priority. Have a wonderful summer


RC Day camp